Event Storming workshop for facilitators and modellers

Expert workshop is something more than a training. Workshop is focused on client's project.

Code: ddd-workshop-meta
Category: DDD Workshop
Format: 20% lecture / 80% workshop
Duration: 2 days
Target audience: sm
Enrollment: Groups, companies
Venue: Client's office.

The training aims to prepare participants for the role of modeller and facilitator they will play in the organization.

The first day is to learn about advanced techniques in the training domain.

During this day, we strive to understand not only what to do, but also why in one form and not another. We explore various cases and problems that arise during modeling sessions related to both the domain itself and the session participants.

The goal for the second day of the workshop is to practice the discussed topics in a safe environment. To do this, you will need a sample company process and an associated internal expert(s). For example: purchasing processes, recruitment processes, etc.

It's all about the content.

  • understanding the modeling process at the meta level (modeling how people model)
  • non-trivial problems and real-life examples
  • selection of techniques for the problem class and session participants

Workshop Program

The content of our program can be customised during pre-training analysis.

  1. Introduction to EventStorming
    1. What is EventStorming?
    2. Three types of workshop attendees and their roles
    3. Presentation of the workshop flow
    4. Workshop variants and goals
      1. Big Picture
      2. Process Level
      3. Design Level, a.k.a. Software Modeling
      4. Value Driven
      5. UX Drive
      6. Retro / Team Flow
      7. Onboarding new members to the team
  2. Session logistics
    1. On-site workshop
      1. Room setup
    2. Online workshop
      1. Review of possible tools to use
    3. Comparison of both workshop models
    4. Strategies for inviting people
  3. Session facilitation
    1. Role of the facilitator
    2. How to start the session?
    3. Controlling workshop dynamics
    4. Differences between small and large group
    5. Related techniques and possible use-case scenarios
      1. Divergent / Emergent / Convergent Thinking
      2. Six Hats Thinking
      3. Clean Questions
      4. Starts With Why
      5. 3B Perspectives, Being / Behaving / Becoming
      6. Customer Journey
      7. User Story Mapping
      8. Example Mapping
      9. Impact Mapping
      10. Service Blueprint
      11. C4 Model
  4. EventStorming on training domain
    1. Big Picture EventStorming
    2. Process Level + Design Level EventStorming
  5. Working with sample session outcomes
    1. Hot-spots
    2. Implementing system with Domain Driven Design / CQRS / EventSourcing approach
    3. User Stories and acceptance criteria
  6. ModelStorming
    1. Incremental notation
    2. EventStorming as an example of ModelStorming implementation
  7. Review of EventStorming use-cases from real projects
    1. Typical goals, challenges and problems during the session
  8. Good & Bad practices
  9. EventStorming on company project domain
    1. /Scope of this part will be defined/
  10. Questions and Answers

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