For IT Managers

We understand the importance of building your team's business awareness and focus on strategic goals.

We know that developers focus their attention on tools. This is why we strive to interest them in strategic thinking by combining it with technology.

Strategic consulting

At Bottega IT Minds, we operate on the cutting edge of both IT and business development thanks to our agile approach and our understanding of both worlds.

  • Audits and technical expertise for when you need assistance on strategic IT decisions

    We begin every audit by working with the stakeholders to determine the requirements of the system architecture. This architecture is the ongoing process by which requirements are converted into results. We evaluate the system using standardized architectural drivers.

  • End-to-End Project Development for when you need results quickly

    We have a variety of cooperation models available ranging from e2e project delivery to reinforcing your existing team with our top notch engineers.

  • Project delivery for when you need assistance on a new project

    We embed our top-notch engineers in your teams and add value on every iteration, filling the knowledge gaps essential to the success of your project.

  • Culture of innovation for when you want to change the mindset of your team

    For us, innovation requires more than merely employing the latest technology. It also demands a nuanced understanding of the precise ends to which each piece of technology is being deployed.

Consulting services

Project Kick-off

When you start a new project or refactor a legacy system.

Tap the knowledge of our experts to plan a strategy for reaching your goals. Our hands-on mentors will facilitate the implementation of well-crafted technical solution.

Architecture audits

When you are stuck at exploring available options or analysing causes of the current situation.

Together, we define architectural goals and quality attributes.

Team Mentoring

When your team needs organisational and technical patterns.

Hands on mentoring helps your team to focus on goals and keep them in sight.

Leadership coaching

When your team rotates dynamically.

Each new member needs a technical leader whom he follows. Can technical proficiency ber combined with leadership skills? To some degree, yes; we can develop these skills.

Performance Tuning

When you need an expert intervention on various levels: operating system, database, virtual machine, UI.

We offer a broad pectrum of expertise: JVM, .NET, PHP, JS, Oracle, MSSQL, DevOps.

Machine Learning

Whet your model needs a careful maintenance

We offer modeling, technical and business consulting.

Bottega Experts

Bottega in numbers

Summary of 10 years of training, counseling and community activity.


Trainers employed We cover almost whole technological landscape.


Clients served From small to largest in the IT industry


Training days completed Experience that builds our trainers.


IT proffesionals trained Gives us real impact on state of the art of the industry.

Trainers and experts We gather distinguish veterans.

It's all about quality All our clients return to us when new needs arise.

Continous improvement Each training session is individually crafted not delivered by routine.

Fans, not clients We strive to build a close relationship with every trainee.


As engineers, we consider our growing number of returning clients to be the most important indicator of our success.

The idea of Bottega

Bottega is a modern revival of the Renaissance idea of an atelier in which journeymen can refine their craftsmanship under the guidance of a mentor.