For HR

Through Bottega's unique perspective on the IT world, developers will discover a deeper sense of meaning in being part of your team.

We understand that technical people find the greatest value in the development of their minds. This is why we offer inspiring meetings with experts in the form of practical workshops.

Partners for HR department


As engineers, we consider our growing number of returning clients to be the most important indicator of our success.

Bottega in numbers

Summary of 10 years of training, counseling and community activity.


Trainers employed We cover almost whole technological landscape.


Clients served From small to largest in the IT industry


Training days completed Experience that builds our trainers.


IT proffesionals trained Gives us real impact on state of the art of the industry.

Trainers and experts We gather distinguish veterans.

It's all about quality All our clients return to us when new needs arise.

Continous improvement Each training session is individually crafted not delivered by routine.

Fans, not clients We strive to build a close relationship with every trainee.

The idea of Bottega

Bottega is a modern revival of the Renaissance idea of an atelier in which journeymen can refine their craftsmanship under the guidance of a mentor.