DDD & CqRS Sample

Sample project

More than a sample, but not just another framework... Give it a try

We've prepared three open and free projects for you illustrating Domain Driven Design modeling techniques and Command-query Responsibility Segregation on the Java platform.

Goals of the projects:
  • Presentation of all DDD Building Blocks in non-trivialized way
  • Presenting advanced DDD techniques (eg Bounded Context)
  • Presenting a real implementation techniques with all the depth they deserve
  • Presenting a pragmatic approach to CqRS implementation
  • Providing a reliable, standard code Source
  • Adopting a non-invasive philosophy that limits the influence of technology on the shape of the model
  • Developing an architectural style that is portable to other frameworks and platforms
Sample project - good for a start Extended domain model project - if you are looking for a something more Complete proces - from Event Stormingu to tests
The idea of Bottega

Bottega is a modern revival of the Renaissance idea of an atelier in which journeymen can refine their craftsmanship under the guidance of a mentor.