Event Storming workshop

Expert workshop is something more than a training. Workshop is focused on client's project.

Code: client-es
Category: DDD Workshop
Format: 100% workshop
Duration: 2 days
Target audience: analysts
Enrollment: Groups, companies
Venue: Client's office.

The aim of the workshop is to create a model of the problem area the team is currently working on and to acquire the practical ability to run the Event Storming modelling process independently. There are 3 sides to the workshop:

  • Domain experts from the client/business side
  • modelers - persons responsible for project implementation (PO, dev, analyst)
  • facilitator - mentor from Bottega IT Mnds company watching over the process
The workshop result is a model that is understandable for each party in the form of Bounded Context, Aggregates, a process in the form of a sequence of events and acceptance criteria for test scenarios.

The workshop can be used by teams experienced in DDD, who want to break the deadlock in the modelling session, as well as by teams that want to start using DDD approach and want to get maximum efficiency from the beginning.

The duration can be extended by further days depending on the size of the problem area.

EventStorming is a workshop of collaborative learning and modeling. Everyone in the room is involved in the process and may contribute to the model. EventStorming offers a series of steps to discover a problem space and model the solution using Events, the core building blocks of the technique.

Workshop Program

The content of our program can be customised during pre-training analysis.

  1. Introduction to EventStorming
    1. Notation, roles and responsibilities of persons during the session
    2. Domain event as a source of information
    3. Cooperation with domain experts
    4. 3 levels of modelling
      1. Divergent
      2. Emergent
      3. Convergent
  2. Big Picture Event Storming, modelling techniques
    1. Technique notation
    2. Discovering Domain Events
    3. Timeline arrangement
    4. Events consistency check, detection of omitted domain events
    5. Branching the flow
    6. Identification of actors
    7. Identification of hot-spots
    8. Contexts
      1. Boundaries separation
      2. Strategic integration of contexts
    9. Typical patterns and anti-patterns during the session
  3. Design Level Event Storming, modelling techniques
    1. Extended technique notation
    2. Commands
    3. Aggregates, modelling object boundary
      1. Searching for consistency boundaries
      2. Typical anti-patterns and problems of Aggregate design
    4. Read models
    5. Policies
    6. Connections with external systems
    7. Introduction to CQRS
  4. Using Event Storming session artifacts during implementation
    1. Software model
    2. Tests
      1. Unit tests for the model
      2. Acceptance tests for the process

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