Modern architecture of web applications - Microservices, REST, noSQL (Java/.NET)

Expert workshop is something more than a training. Workshop is focused on client's project.

Code: arch-ms-workshop-modern
Category: Microservices workshop
Format: 50% lecture / 50% workshop
Duration: 3 days
Target audience: developers
Enrollment: Groups, companies
Venue: Client's office.

The training is intended for designers and architects, who want to find their way in a world of new technologies for creating light, and at the same time ultra-efficient and scalable web applications. .

It's all about the content.

  • Modern architectures (CqRS – supporting the DDD)
  • Technology integration and a holistic approach
  • Choosing the class of solution for the class of a problem

Workshop Program

The content of our program can be customised during pre-training analysis.

  1. REST
    1. A good understanding of important aspects of http
    2. The REST API philosophy
      1. Standards
      2. Best practices – selection for a context
    3. Correct interpretation of SOA
      1. Canonical or domain model
    4. Goal: a well-designed rest covers both web application and mobile technologies at the same time
  2. Microservices and CqRS architecture
    1. Assumptions
      1. Designing with failures in mind
      2. Evolutionary approach
      3. Decentralization of data management
      4. Endpoint and Pipe
    2. Strategies for refactoring monolithic systems
    3. How to determine a boundary of services
      1. Bounded Context with the DDD approach
      2. Anti-pattern: Nanoservice
    4. Acceptance testing of services
  3. System architecture
    1. Integration of services
    2. Command-query Responsibility Segregation
      1. Write stack – domain model
        1. Building Blocks DDD
        2. Unit testing of domain logic
        3. Event Sourcing
      2. Read stack – denormalization in order to optimize readings
  4. Scalable distributed systems
    1. Domain events
    2. Event orchestration, Saga model
    3. Queues
      1. Solution selection
      2. Optimization
      3. Patterns
        1. Event Broker
        2. Event Bus
    4. Approach to the Eventual Consistency
  5. noSQL
    1. When it’s worth it and for what
    2. MongoDB/RavenDB
    3. CAP theorem in practice
    4. Designing models for reading
  6. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
    1. Enabling the CD from the perspective of architecture and code
    2. Tools

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