Train the Trainer: Designing and running internal workshops

Code: Soft-practices-ttt
Category: Soft Skills
Format: 30% lecture / 50% workshop
Duration: 2 days
Target audience: testers
Enrollment: Groups, companies
Venue: Client's office.

Proper design of a workshop is a key factor in its quality.

Adjusting the content to the needs of the participants helps build up motivation. Ensuring a high enough level of psychological safety maximizes their participation in the learning process.

The proper planning of specific training modules creates a structure which helps with remembering new knowledge and a practical implementation of the skills trained. Finally, the right interconnection of the specific elements of the workshop increases the ease of knowledge recall after the workshop is over. Combining these elements simultaneously reduces any signs of participant resistance which might arise during training.

Areas of implementation:
  • improving knowledge exchange within the company
  • employer branding through creating an opinion of a company assisting with skill growth and knowledge exchange
  • increasing the effectiveness of everyday development work through a low-cost method of skill growth

Advanced modules:

Advanced need analysis (1 day)

An extended workshop teaching additional techniques for training need analysis and the better adjustment of the training to the identified needs.

Advanced training result verification (1 day)

Extended workshop teaching additional methods of training effectiveness assessment.

Educational tools – a review (1-3 days)

This module is meant to teach as many additional techniques and training methods as possible. Participants will be able to experience and understad the action of numerous practical games and training exercises, discuss their uses, weak and strong points, etc.

Depending on how much time the Client devotes to this module, fewer or more numerous tools can be shown and practiced.

Training skills – training tools (1 day)

Module devoted to improving the tools available to the educator – how to run a workshop more effectively.

Training skills – dealing with groups (1 day)

Module devoted to an improved understanding of group processes and the techniques of dealing with difficult participants and unusual training situations.

E-learning – basic tools of remote learning (1 dzień)

Module introducing the basic e-learning tools, their use in education, the specific differences between running e-learning and normal trainings.

Training Program

The content of our program can be customised during pre-training analysis.

  1. SAFE model in training design
  2. The training process – from identifying the competence gap to verifying
  3. the effects of the training
  4. Basic analysis of needs and competence gaps
  5. Basic methods of training result verification
  6. Designing the training axis
  7. Designing training modules
  8. Review of common training tools
  9. Building congruence and connections between training elements
  10. Tools for increasing the effectiveness of adult education

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