Optimum efficiency: Motivation, determination and effective task management

Code: Soft-practices-wydajność
Category: Soft Skills
Format: 50% lecture / 50% workshop
Duration: 2 days
Target audience: management
Enrollment: Groups, companies
Venue: Client's office.

Effective work requires good task management.

Our work time is limited every day, further so if we take into account the limited amount of attention we can devote to tasks during the day, and without which it becomes hard to fulfill the goals ahead of us. Furthermore, the human brain simply isn’t meant to optimize tasks, prefering automatic, emotional reactions, which permit quick, but not necessarily effective actions.

These traits helped us survive on the savanna thousands of years ago, but interfere with the challenges of the 21 st century. We must therefore force our brain to work within a certain framework, in order to make our actions more effective.

Areas of implementation:
  • improving individual and team prioritetization
  • increasing everyday effectiveness of software development and testing\increased motivation
  • optimal management of team engagement and energy
  • reduced burnout

Training Program

The content of our program can be customised during pre-training analysis.

  1. The programs of our brain
    1. Systems 1 & 2 and effective work
    2. Motivation: dopamine/fixed system and serotonin/elastic system
  2. Systems 1 & 2 in optimum time management
    1. Deep Work
    2. Task Journal
    3. Task Planning – The Eisenhower Matrix
  3. Systems 1 & 2 and planing
    1. E-SMART goals
    2. Future perspective and it’s consequences
    3. Goals, self-efficiacy and motivation
    4. Long term planning: Vonnegut Strategy/ Action Planning
  4. Systems 1 & 2 and motivation
    1. Yerkes-Dodson Law
    2. Motivation versus Determination
    3. Main motivational needs
    4. Automating action: the structure of habits, extended version
    5. Decision Process Architecture, extended version
    6. WOOP
  5. Mental hygiene
  6. The art of rest and regeneration – energy management

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