Effective Leader

Code: lead-lider2
Category: Tech lead and team lead
Format: 50% lecture / 50% workshop
Duration: 5 days
Target audience: developers
Enrollment: Groups, companies
Venue: Client's office.

The extended track of the Effective Tech Leader program is based on the same principles as the Supportive Tech Leader Short Track, but develops it into a fuller program, with several feedback points along the way, therefore enabling the program to be fuller, more effective, and more adjusted to the specific needs of course participants. An effective Tech Leader needs to combine technical and managerial skills in order to best perform his or her work.

However, since the vast majority of tech leaders are selected based on their technical know-how, there are often significant gaps in the managerial part of the skill-set. While most tech leaders try to make do, using trial and error, or basing their approach on their own experience with their own, previous leaders, this can lead to the perpetuation of ineffective, or even potentially harmful solutions. As such, a specific training designed for tech leaders, devoted to managerial skills, but with the specific limitations of their position in mind, should be a primary requirement for anyone promoted to such a position.

While there is rarely time for an extended program, a short two-day introduction to the basic skills and concepts is an effective solution to the situation. As such, we can offer the Short Track version of the Supportive Tech Leader program, just for this purpose.

Unlike the Short Track, which is set up as a single two-day workshop, the Extended Track is developed as a set of meetings, with a 3-5 week break between each workshop, enabling participants to practically test their new skills and report on how well they have worked for them, what issues they have had, etc.

Training Program

The content of our program can be customised during pre-training analysis.

  1. The four major roles of a tech leader
    1. organizing work and delegating tasks
    2. enforcing solutions
    3. supporting skill development
    4. motivation
  2. Leadership styles, and choosing the proper style. The Blanchard Situational Leadership model.
  3. The basics of effective work organisation
    1. setting the groundworks and the expose
    2. setting tasks and prioritizing
    3. challenges related to delegation
    4. effective delegation of tasks
  4. Enforcing solutions
    1. the rules of effective enforcing of work
    2. the FUKO model
    3. sanctions available to a tech leader
  5. Supporting skill development
    1. primary barriers to development
    2. differences in levels of inference and their consequences
    3. analysis of development needs
    4. the Dreyfus cycle and it’s impact on supporting people on different levels
    5. effective feedback
    6. mentoring and coaching skills for the tech leader
  6. Motivation
    1. main motivational needs
    2. the Yerkes-Dodson law
    3. motivational solutions available for tech leaders
    4. environmental tools for supporting motivation and engagement
  7. The authority of the tech leader
    1. behavioral and cognitive tools for building up your authority in the team
  8. Workshop: The authority of the Tech Leader (1 day)
    1. Feedback session from previous workshop
    2. Man as a hierarchical animal - the biological and neurological basis for leadership
    3. Behavioral and cognitive skills for developing and maintaining authority in a team
  9. Workshop: The Tech Leader as a Mentor (1 day)
    1. Feedback session from previous workshops
    2. Effectively supporting the development of adults
    3. Basic mentoring skills
    4. Basic coaching skills
    5. Effective one-on-one meetings
    6. Effective assessment
  10. Workshop: Leading in difficult situations (1 day)
    1. Feedback session from previous workshops
    2. The tech leader as a mediator in conflict situations
    3. Managing and communicating change

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