• Looking for the Holy Grail of Mobile Web Performance
    CATEGORIES: Front-end

  • Async Functions Awaiting You - Tomasz Ducin
    CATEGORIES: JavaScript


    Farewell callback hell, farewell promise chaining... the most awaited upcoming feature of ES8, async await, is taking async JavaScript by storm. Let's code async processes in a more readable, concise and extensible manner.

    During this talk we'll discuss the fundamentals: promises, generators and coroutines - and introduce async await. We'll have sequential and parallel processing explained, along with most common usecases - and gotchas. After this talk you'll never say that generators scare you or that async await is complicated - expect to find them simple.

  • All that JS
    CATEGORIES: JavaScript


  • JavaScript + Java = TypeScript
    CATEGORIES: TypeScript


    In this talk I'll highlight the native-JS problems that TS solves and compare it to its rivals, CoffeeScript and ES6. Moreover, we'll see how do non-Frontenders see TypeScript. I'll share my experience of banking software development.

  • ng-enterprise
    CATEGORIES: Angular


    Click... and here it is. Our AngularJS application has been deployed to 120 Scandinavian banks, starting to replace an old legacy system. It took us over 1 year to reach production and we learned some lessons you'll never read in any tutorial.

    Click... tech-part. How would you deal with data binding and cross-component communication in a huge system? What does a directive represent in an enterprise-scale application? How to make 2 architectures, the legacy and angular, co-exist? And, damn, the backend is down again!

    Click... business-part. So all these people are Java developers...? Guys, are you really sure, that this latest JS buzzword is our biggest concern at the moment? By the way - did Angular 2 make our AngularJS interface a legacy app already? And does anyone know if the backend is up anyway?

    I'll share my experience of doing something really amazing, yet difficult, having Angular playing the lead role in crazy financial sector!

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