• Engineering Architecture
    CATEGORIES: Architecture

    Podczas mojej prezentacji pokażę, że do architektury da się podejść inżyniersko – z kalkulatorem i ekierką. Czas beztroskich artystów i wież z kości słoniowej bezpowrotnie przeminął…

  • Event Driven Architecture Traps
    CATEGORIES: Architectural patterns

    Most developers are not familiar with this kind of architecture, which can lead to common pitfalls that we'll examine in this webinar. We'll also cover a broad set of buzzwords like: exactly-once delivery, Kafka Streams, CQRS, and Spring Cloud Stream. There will be live coding, which will require basic knowledge about distributed systems and Spring Cloud.

  • Distributed journey
    CATEGORIES: .NET Architecture , Microservices

    I would like to share my experience with you by presenting the pros & cons of some useful tools and patterns, as well as pointing out to the different directions that you could explore on your own.

  • Contract Tests in the Enterprise Conference
    CATEGORIES: Microservices , Testing & QA

    In this presentation you’ll see how to migrate a legacy application to work with stubs of external applications. We’ll show different ways of increasing your test reliability by writing adding contract tests of your API. You’ll see the difference between producer and consumer driven contracts.

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