noSQL - comparison and polyglot persistence systems based on CqRS

Code: nosql-rev
Category: NoSQL
Format: 40% lecture / 60% workshop
Duration: 3 days
Target audience: developers
Enrollment: Groups, companies
Venue: Client's office.

Training Program

The content of our program can be customised during pre-training analysis.

  1. How to choose right database?
    1. Key-value
    2. Column
    3. Document
    4. Graph
    5. Time-series
  2. Comparing NoSQL with SQL
    1. ACID vs. CAP and PACELC
    2. Scalability
    3. Problems of the distributed architecture
  3. How to choose right data model
    1. Flat aggregates
    2. Embedded objects
    3. Soft relations
  4. Eventual consistency vs ACID
  5. NoSQL in application architecture
    1. Drivers
    2. Spring Data abstractions
  6. Poliglot persistence system
    1. Redis - key-value
    2. Apache Cassandra - column
    3. Elasticsearch or MongoDB - dokument
    4. Neo4j or OrientDB - graph
    5. Elasticsearch or InfluxDB - time series
  7. Command-query Responsibility Segregation architecture
    1. Write model - how to choose a model
    2. Read model - how to choose a model
    3. Integration

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