Java EE - architecture and patterns

Code: java-arch-arch
Category: Java architecture
Format: 50% lecture / 50% workshop
Duration: 3 days
Target audience: architects
Enrollment: Groups, companies
Venue: Client's office.

Training Program

The content of our program can be customised during pre-training analysis.

  1. System architecture
    1. Modularization
    2. Integration
      1. Events
      2. API
      3. Process manager
    3. Restful
      1. maturity levels
    4. Event Driven
      1. Events broker
      2. Events Bus
      3. Eventual Consistency
  2. Application architecture
    1. Layers
    2. Command + Command Handler
    3. Ports and Adapters
  3. Presentation patterns
    1. MVC, MVP, MVVM
    2. Front Controller and Page Controller
    3. Composite UI
    4. push vs pull
  4. Logic layer patterns
    1. Application logic
    2. Domain logic
      1. Aggregate
      2. Entity
      3. Value Objects
      4. Domain service
      5. Policy
      6. Specification
      7. Factory
      8. Repository
      9. Model levels: Capacity, Operations, Policy, Decision Support
  5. Data access patterns
    1. Shared Repository
    2. Repository
    3. Optimistic locking
    4. ORM tips and tricks
  6. Testing strategy
  7. Inversion of Control - architecture level
    1. Dependency Injection
    2. Event Driven Systems
    3. Extension points
      1. Plugins
      2. Listeners
  8. Command-query Responsibility Segregation

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